Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a week!

Absolutely...crazy, weird and so many other adjectives. You know I love my job, I truly do. But sometimes, just sometimes, my officers get..get, well they get RUDE! And, thing is I don't know why. I am dispatcher that says "Thank You Sir or Ma'am", I send a msg to say so sometimes, I always use my "Recommend Unit" button to dispatch a call, but also try to be fair by sending units on calls that havent been on any in awhile...blah, blah, you get the idea. I even make call backs on some of the ones that come thru in hopes to be able to cancel the call so the units dont have to waste their time. Now that being said, I do know my I perfect? NO. Do I make mistakes? YEP.
So, when I dispatch a call, that is a call, please dont tell me it, I take that back, cuz maybe you are right, maybe it could be changed to DPR...but sir, it is the WAY you say it over the air! Don't bite my head off, dont be ugly to me....not necessary! And in this case...YOU were wrong and RUDE...and your SGT didnt have the b*lls to call you out on it on the air. Tsk tsk....Well, guess I feel better.

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