Saturday, July 2, 2011


Time for an update.....and wow....some big changes! The first would have to be Christopher! He has found a job he likes, working outside (who knew!) doing irrigation work! He has been doing it for about a month, and so far really seems to like it. The best part is the change in attitude. I think because he is getting some physical exercise, has a job and so his own money and independence....his attitude has gotten awesome! We hang out a little, going to the pool or playing yahtzee which is really nice. I enjoy the time we have together. Fingers crossed that this is for good!!!! Second: Jamie! She has moved back home and is through with the nasty roomates, thank God! It isnt as bad as she thought it was going to be so she is adjusting. It is up and down with her right now. She has a new boyfriend which is nice for her and she is doing some housesitting for the summer. She will go to St Louis for a little bit and then school starts back in August and her babysitting job will start back when school does. So, alot going on for her...fingers crossed here too! Brian: has had his first girlfriend and first heartbreak! He is hanging out with his friends alot these days, tons of baseball and even went to the pool last week. He continues to be rude and fingers crossed for that too change plz!!! Brittany: doing well, still swimming for now but is thinking of not swimming for Nova next year. She is tired of the early mornings and doesnt want to swim in college, so not sure she needs to be practicing as much as she does. She is running around a bit too much for me lately, so fingers crossed that we can settle her down a bit.
Me: the same basically...started the C25K and am struggling with that but really want to do it, so cross those fingers for me too!
That's enough for now....fingers are tired! LOL