Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drama, drama and more drama.....

I am so very sick of DRAMA! I have had plenty of it too! Let's start with Jamie. Roommate issues...they have been horrible, to the point of Jamie is probably going to move back home for the last few months of the lease. Samantha was a hateful, nasty bitch in high school and hasnt changed a bit..yes, I told Jamie that BEFORE she moved it...but, they know everything. "Mom, she has changed..." and of course, she is the same nasty bitch she always was. But, other than that, Jamie is doing great. She is doing well in her classes, there is no shortage of boys and she has a great little part-time job babysitting for a teacher's kids after school. And of course, Ralphie is the love of her life. Christopher: more of the same. Is finally getting a divorce from Amanda, but not without one last round of her which included her stealing about $3500 worth of my jewelry. Which I did get back, but only thanks to the Henrico Police Dept and Officer Thomas Berry. She is addicted to drugs, heroin and injects it. It is actually very sad and I am afraid for her. But, it has made this last week difficult with Chris. I didnt press charges, for his sake, and now that he and she are not together, he wants me too. He has turned quite mean and sent some ugly texts and phone messages to me. His lack of restraint is amazing. I have truly never met someone who can be so mean. It is just wrong. And that's where it is with him right now. Brian: is playing alot of baseball and made Godwin's JV team. At home, he continues to be rude and nasty. Apparently, he knows EVERYTHING and Jimmy and I are stupid and basically just exist to bother him. Grades arent great...he is passing everything, but at this rate will be lucky to get into a Junior College. Brittany: still swimming, but now at 4:30am which is no fun for any of us. She is still adjusting and we will see how it goes. She is doing pretty well in school and studies and works extremely hard. Couldnt ask much more from her. She too however is suffering from teenager attitude. And although she is not as mean as Brian, she has her moments.
So...for me, I would like a normal, boring life for awhile....sighhhhhhhhhh