Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am not sick!

Nope...I am not sick. I do NOT have a very runny nose that is also stopped up at the same time (how exactly does that happen?), I do NOT have a sore throat, I do NOT have stopped up ears....I DO NOT!!!! I can't...I have to work tomorrow and I am part-time and if I dont work, I dont get paid. So, I am NOT sick!
Now the good news is we got 14 inches of snow in Richmond yesterday. If you have ever lived in Richmond, you know that 2 inches of snow, closes down the City for at least 3 days. But guess what? I work for the Police Dept as a dispatcher/911 operator. They will come get you to work in the snow - as they did for me last time. So, although the rest of Richmond will be closed tomorrow for worksite will be open...and I NEED to be there! So, today, I will stay in my robe and pjs, under my heated throw blanket (thank you honey, 1 of my favorite xmas presents) and take Mucinex, Afrin & will myself better!
But..I do have to go outside and take some pictures with my new camera, the RebelXS (thank you honey another favorite xmas gift) and I can easily do that, because...I AM NOT SICK!

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