Thursday, January 21, 2010


So at the end of this week, I will have worked 40 hours. Did I mention I work "part-time"? Did I mention I schedule my own hours (and they are then assigned based on staffing needs)? Yea, well, I can't complain cuz I have great co-workers(for the most part), great officers to work with (for the most part) and I make great pay for a part-time job. Most weeks I work anywhere from 20 to 36 hours. I also fill in when people need a day off...I am truly blessed with my job. Ask me tomorrow night though after a 12 hour day!
The kids are doing great. Brittany made her cuts for Far Westerns, which is a swim meet in California the week of spring break. It will cost about $1000. Yea, so working alot of hours will help a ton! I am proud of her and she has 3 more meets to accumulate even more cuts. She really enjoys swimming at Nova, but I gotta say, the girl drama drives me CRAZY! Now, let me be honest, it's not just the girl drama..some of the moms are just as bad! They get involved in all the nonsense and it drives me crazy! I dont want to hear it, let the girls work it out. The girls are mean and nasty (and Britt can be right there too!) and then the moms get involved and you know what happens? The girls make up and the moms are still mad! It is so stupid. One of the worst moms ever is coming back...her daughter had quit...which was good/bad. She was a good swimmer but she was a drama queen as well. So, they are coming back and I look for more drama to fly...but I am staying out of it! I have refused for months to get involved. A mom called me to "tell" on Brittany and basically I believe there are 2 sides to every story and said so. End of that friendship..and who cares! So anyway, yea, that's the swimming stuff for now.
Baseball ... next time!

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  1. Note to names from now on! As I read this several years later...I have no idea who I was talking about and darn it, I want to know! hahahaha