Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, this past weekend was filled with stressed out tummies, hearts beating wildly, tension and worry. The problem? The nation's You see, Brian has been playing AAU baseball since he was 9 years old. We were on an awesome team called the Rapids. The team ended last summer after our Cooperstown run. A new team was formed and Brian was one of the few to make this new team. We and he were thrilled. But, sadly, many of his good buddies did not make the team. Brian played with the new team VSC (Virginia Sports Complex) but he never had his heart in it. The team was made up of some very talented boys that just couldnt gel together. Now, it was only a fall season, and I am sure they will gel, in time. But, Brian wanted to be with his friends. He just wasnt enjoying baseball. He wanted to play on the other team...which was a tough choice because the new team is more talented and has a great coach, Ken Harvey. Both teams fought for him but in the end, Brian made the decision to go with the Raiders. We dont know if it was the best decision baseball-wise...but what we do know is this: Brian is 13 years old, he will have many decisions in life to make, some he will make good decisions on..some not. But he needs to know that his parents will support him whatever he chooses. Nothing is forever and change can always be had. We left VSC on very good terms and will be able to continue our friendships that have been made there. But the bottom line is this....after dragging him to practices and tournaments all fall long....last night he came downstairs...smiling and asked when he had baseball practice. Enough said.

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