Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, Sept 9th, 2012

Today was spent watching Brian play on his new baseball travel team. RBA 16 Elites played the RBA Showcase 17/18's. It was LONG! 1pm-5pm ish! He played shortstop the whole time. He is using a new glove and has been trying to break it in. He doesn't get all the balls he normally does so we will see how it goes. It's different than the one he has now. Different brand and a teeny bit bigger. It was a day of ups and downs for plays and hitting. We have our 1st tournament in 2 weeks, so hopefully it will be broken in by then or he will want another one just like the one he has. Who knows. Tonight I am doing laundry, hoping to download some pictures from my camera and play on the computer a bit. I am packing my gym bag for my 5:30am Monday morning cycle class. I do that on Monday and Thursdays and I really enjoy them. Tuesday and Fridays I do 10 mins on the elliptical and then I do a weight routine. Wednesdays I take off and sleep in a bit and fix the twins a good breakfast. Last Friday, a friend of mine, Jolie Bannister (Lynch) passed away. She was absolutely beautiful. Her son, Daniel, plays baseball with Brian. They were on the Raiders, Titans and most recently, RBA 15 Elites (Daniel moved up a few months into the summer season). She had skin cancer years ago and had some surgery as evidenced by some scars on her arm. She then began having headaches years later...and it was actually the cancer and it had spread to her brain. Brian is going to the Memorial service for her on Tuesday, to show support for his good friend, Daniel. Also, today, I learned that another good friend, has skin cancer and it is in her lymph nodes. I wont mention her name yet as her children don't know. I doubt anyone reads this, but I don't want to take any chances. There is much more to this story and unfortunately, it is a very sad story. Major prayers are needed. Oh yes...and today is me and Jimmy's 18th anniversary. We spent it watching Brian play baseball. I think that is what both of us would have chosen to do if given the choice. We love watching him play baseball. Okay...for now, off to do all the things I need to do tonight! SLS

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