Saturday, September 8, 2012

O.M.G. It has been awhile!

Sept 8, 2012 WOW! It has been a long time since I have posted! I think my new goal should be to be a tad bit more consistent with my blogging! LOL Oh that one of the abbreviations that " one uses that anymore"??? Oh well, I use it still, so...whatever! Well, let's see, cant really start and fill in everything so just a few quick notes and then I will just begin from today and maybe fill in every now and then with something from the past that happened. *Brian and Brittany are now 16 and have just started their Junior year at Godwin High School *Jamie is a Senior (5th year, whatever!) at VCU after 2 years at MIZZOU *Chris is living with my mom still, is working at Einstein's Bagels and continues to grow up a little more everyday. I have noticed a maturity growing in him (even though he gave up his car....ugh) and a much kinder, gentler side to him. He no longer seems so angry all of the time...and I enjoy spending time with him. Okay, this will have to be a blog somewhere down the road. *I am still working at RPD and continue to enjoy my job *Jimmy is still at Loveland *Dizzy Dean will be 7 years old this December *Ralph Lauren (Jamie's Min-pin) has joined our family and he is 2 *Tiger and Rocky do not enjoy him and have been living as outdoor cats since his arrival. We keep a warm spot in the shed for them as well as a little house on the deck. Lots of warm, fresh blankets for them and try to love on them as much as possible. *Jack and Sissy continue to live inside, but one of them pees everywhere (and has for a couple of years) and one of these days I will have reached my limit with that and they will not be here long after that. If I could find homes for them now, they would be gone. LOVE my animals...but you deal with cat pee on everything from clothing, to blankets, to counters and my stove...repeatedly. Yes, gross. *I have an Iphone now that I love and my newest thing is my MacBookPro that I bought for $300 from a friend For tonight that is all. Tomorrow is a baseball game with Brian at RBA for his RBA 16 Elite team, playing the RBA 17 Elite team. I am looking forward to that. Maybe I will even post a picture! Goodnite...

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